days roaring

This poem was first published in my chapbook Final Friday (2010).
days roaring by like the 1980s / train days weddings parties
     anything days to pass the time / a gear stuck on saturdays
bumbling & roaring / sticky-signalled roadwork delay rays 
     on long doomstruck slow-mo haul days playing on the radio 
western country tune spiked with cigarette ash / prolapsed 
     economy death march / funeral parades of days past & still
passing slowly boom times made of booming days released
     of their tabloid burdens / set to replay every subterranean 
bowel-shuddering day courses through the vein but slowly 
     as if it's here to stay or boom slowly in space-like stations
selling food or fuel but never both eyes whining like elastic
     bands but the smoke screens sight with its curling fancies
& the gig's up (ended or over / in the same way as animal
     days fade / & our dusks collapse in a roar or a motorcade

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