Most of us make America mean the world,
or sometimes we put ‘Australia’ in its place.

B. O’D.

we are men but we are puppets oh no 
	when the US say yo we hear & obey - 
stand o'er us while you pull the strings
	but don't let go for we have no guts ;-(

‘Be true, be brave, be merciful, be free!'
	so captain i guess that applies to meh?
well I hate to say that yr bubble's burst - 
	coz it seems that the UK got here first 

yo they who did vomit the convicts out
	the slaves the pickpockets & irish stouts
rocked up in their hell-ships only to find 
	no one living in these deserts of the mind

well ‘cept for the camp fires of 'the lost' 
	whose smoke their old captn. cook did gloss
as he merrily caged all the birds around 
	& taught them the new fad english sounds

& next he did teach ev'ry parrot to rhyme
	& lagaphones make so to keep up the time 
then he threw a big concert in botany bay 
	that they listen to now each invasion day 

but YOU on the other hand came a bit late
	we only had two hundred odd years to wait 
till you dragged us up the pacific's cool shores
	& freed us from japanese vampire whores

& for this of course we're still paying the price 
	as we help you dress & say you look nice
tho your teeth are all covered with mould & plaque
	& your great team just fucked up again in iraq

‘True America’s Message’
B. O’D. (date)


  1. woot! yeah! you SAID it.

    this is fanfuckingtastic davey. it’s so provocative and hard. angry. tight. righteous.

    nice one indeed.

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