The Happy Farang: Contents

the happy farang
bangkok: city of angles
thomas pynchon & the art of anonymity maintenence
cities on the move
the postman of kowloon
non-touristic trek
the chao le
takraw monkey
oh blossom
mountains of pai
mr tui
emaciated buddha
the boys on thanon lim khong
low season, last days
the kip & how to carry it
under the pavement, laos
a photographer’s wet dream
cock & football
visit laos year
tintin & the plain of jars
the gums of vientiane

the happy farang

hello! - i am so happy to be a farang
in your country relieved to discover
this word that describes me & pleased
to be here spending all my money on
trinkets & going to the toilet - hooray!
now even my shit is farang! a foreign
body yearning to be assimilated! get
out of thailand i say to my ungrateful
excrement leave more room for kfc &
coke i look forward also to depositing
another 500 baht at the airport (also
farang) & can't wait to develop all of
my excellent photos

                        - bye for now!


she loved me for a matter of seconds
but her affair with the monks promises
to be a lifelong obsession hey that hurts -
right there doc can you lance jab pop it
cut it out? look at this it's a postcard
she sent me - monks! you think that's
trivial? wait till you see the photos!
monks on bicycles monks on chao phraya
river express ferry monks carrying food
bowls happy monks monks sitting on the
'reserved for the monk' bench in hualam-
phong railway station monks watching tv
monks patting mutant temple dogs & monks
hanging out - oh to be a monk!
                                         - ouch!