Branford Marsalis on Sting and his jacket

“He [Sting] will not look into the audience when he plays. He has this sense of decorum, because if he does look down, he’s afraid he will laugh. We threw dead chickens across the stage, all kinds of shit, trying to get him. Nothing …”

… Marsalis finally got to Sting when the group appeared in Australia. He explains, “Every night he’d yell to his roadie, ‘Dahnee, my jahhkut’. And this night, Danny walked on stage, held the jacket out to Sting and then tossed it into the audience. The audience ripped the jacket to shreds. ‘I don’t fucking believe you!’ Sting screamed. He went nuts. Because, you see, he’d lost his favourite jahhkut.”

Marsalis added, “Guys like him you never get to know.”

Wensley Clarkson, Sting: The Biography (2000)

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