New site theme: ‘Chaplin’

Ever since I installed my contact form, I’ve received a barrage of emails from web designers offering to fix this website.

Every time, I say: “Yeah, you’re right. I need to fix it. But I’m what’s known in the industry as a compulsive theme changer. I’m not ready to change my website theme just now. I’ve actually gone three months without changing anything. You could say I’m in remission.”

Obviously, when I say ‘say’, I mean ‘think’ and ‘to myself’.

But yesterday I finally cracked. The latest email mercilessly dissecting my website, its lack of a responsive mobile theme in particular, sent me over the edge.

So, instead of contacting that web developer and asking them to re-do my site (which would probably be an eminently good investment of their time and my money) I switched to another free WordPress theme.

It’s called Chaplin, and was created by my favourite WordPress theme designer, Anders Norén.

Let’s see how many more fricking emails I get now.

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