New site theme: ‘Chaplin’

Yeah, yeah. I KNOW!

Ever since I installed my contact form, I’ve received a barrage of emails from web designers offering to fix this website.

Every time, I say: “Yeah, you’re right. I need to fix it. But I’m what’s known in the industry as a compulsive theme changer. I’m not ready to change my website theme just now. I’ve actually gone three months without changing anything. You could say I’m in remission.”

Obviously, when I say ‘say’, I mean ‘think’ and ‘to myself’.

But yesterday I finally cracked. The latest email mercilessly dissecting my website, its lack of a responsive mobile theme in particular, sent me over the edge.

So, instead of contacting that web developer and asking them to re-do my site (which would probably be an eminently good investment of their time and my money) I switched to another free WordPress theme.

It’s called Chaplin, and was created by my favourite WordPress theme designer, Anders Norén.

Let’s see how many more fricking emails I get now.

Davros Dreamnation
Davros Dreamnation

Davey Dreamnation (not pictured) was conceived during the playing of a Genesis LP in April 2001. Deried by critics as a legend in his own signature drawstring jarmies, a colossus of lo-fidelity, a harbinger of jitches and drum fills and the Skylab of his generation, Davey describes himself as an Australasian pirate who lives in the third person, and that’s good enough for us. He is also fluent in Esperanto and enjoys ice hockey and Joy Division.

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