“What the -“: Boost Bass, Free Quincey “on fire”

Sources just outside Davey Dreamnation’s Tribesco compound remain staggered and stunned by the incredible rise of “out-take” Boost Bass, Free Quincey, which has now been streamed more than one hundred (100) times from the mp3.com.au server farm. The track, which shouldn’t even be on the album (RPL) continues to weave its spell despite not possessing any discernable structure and production values that would make even the Tin Lids blush. “Yes, it is weird,” admitted a tired [d/dn] after returning from a gruelling film clip shot inside a giant edible donut, “I’m not sure if the film clip was even from my own song, you know. It could have been HoJo’s new video, though I’m pretty sure he hasn’t released *anything* for the past five years. Well, as they say, things can only get better.” On the subject of BBFQ, however, [d/dn] remained tight-lipped. “Well, as you know, the song is dedicated to my sick friend Quito, whose life-support system is still going strong after five years of constant use. Quito is really my lifeline to the outside world. The life-support system also doubles as a handy power source for my mobile phone, and I can even make and receive international telephone calls. We’re in the process of making it internet-enabled, so that I can switch Quito off remotely, if I so wish, simply by sending him an email. Technology, eh!” Fans of the beleagured jump-suit wearing freak are asked to download Davey’s songs as many times as possible between now and this Wednesday (Tribesco time), when the latest mp3.com.au charts are expected to show an even more dramatic rise in Davey’s fortunes.

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