[d/dn]’s suspicions confirmed: RPL is going to be huge

Tribesco was in a heightened state of preparedness this morning, upon the discovery that Davey Dreamnation’s sophomore album, the industrial nose-bleeder Recognition of Prior Learning has entered the mp3.com.au lo fi charts at #4. Meanwhile Davey’s overall popularity has also risen. He now sits pretty at #5 on the Lo-Fi artist charts. “This is a vindication of our decision to delay the release of the album for a period of over one year, in order to give the listening public time to grow in maturity, and thus also to give them the chance to really appreciate the music,” an obviously drunk Stung managed to lisp at cowering journalists, before adding, “I just don’t think people would have got this record a year ago. It’s light years ahead of its own use-by date.” The huge increase in Davey’s popularity has been driven largely by the freak single “Boost Bass Free Quincey”, whose title alone seems to have entranced the listening public. “75 streams and counting, and that’s just in the past three weeks,” beamed a delighted Dreamnation, who later dedicated the song, once again, to his seriously ill friend and muse Quito. As reported previously on Tribesco, the artist’s former Esperanto translator Scaramouche has been put out to pasture, somewhere in the wilds of the Albury-Wodonga region. “I’m hoping I can just get on with making music now, instead of freaking quiche lorraine and marmalade,” Davey added, this time in English.

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