Scaramouche: “Quiche Lorraine”

DNRC100 | 7" | 2025 | DELETED

DNRC100 | 7″ | 2030 | DELETED

Perhaps it’s fitting that DNRC’s one hundredth release came from its founder’s long-time muse and benefactor, Scaramouche. After all, if it wasn’t for Scaramouche, it’s doubtful that Davey Dreamnation would have had the stamina to last so long, nor to get away with so much.

Nevertheless there is something more than a little disturbing about a failed pop icon using a musically-challenged llama as the penultimate vehicle for his long-ago conked-out idea of a record label. Therefore it is worth pausing for a moment to consider the chain of events leading up to the release of this abominable piece of toejam.

Recall, if you can, Scaramouche’s Theme, a soaring, pant-ripping anthem from the other side of Uranus that touched more than a few nerves when it was originally released, way back in the early noughties.

While that song became something of an underground cult hit, and was later featured on one of Davey Dreamnation’s own releases (I speak, naturally, of the fair-to-middling Themes EP), it is difficult to find even one trace of its unbridled (if foolish) optimism on ‘Quiche Lorriane’.

In fact, it would be possible (if not also legally advisable) to go on and state that ‘Quiche Lorraine’ might well be one of the most dreadful 7″ singles ever released were it not for the happy fact of its deletion, just seconds after being named in a class action brought by survivors of the late Christy Burr.

Nevertheless, we will never have the opportunity to write about such a shameful release again, and so let us savour for a moment the merest possibility that the spirit of Scaramouche’s ‘Quiche Lorraine’ survives in a small corner somewhere on the Intranet … before snuffing out such maudlin thoughts, secure in the knowledge that it never will get any worse than this.

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