it’s a shame (about ray? no, just the way
the sunlight hits the window’s triple-glaze
revealing all your childrens’ fingerprints
& you thought you’d cleaned it yesterday

that pristine pane never stood a chance
anyway (you mutter to yourself, leaning in
to some andante (or was it al dente? never!
solo piano courtesy of a faraway classic fm

station you never knew existed (until now . . .
you realize the smudge marks are also on
the outside of the glass (& that hurts, too,
you’re powerless against it! shine on, ray!

or was that roy (drop the toy (a little soy?
oh you beautiful (grubby (radiant little boy

About the author

David Prater is an Australian-born writer, editor and parent. His interests include mince pies, ice hockey and Joy Division.

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