The DNRC Records

Davey Dreamnation self-released his debut album Islands In the Stream of Consciousness online in 2002.

Although the recordings met with little fanfare at the time, Davey’s subsequent musical efforts were so seething that they led to widespread social and political unrest, forcing the United Nations to enter into treaty negotiations with him.

The result was, of course, DNRC Records.

Originally conceived of as a clearing house, DNRC Records was the label that Dreamnation founded, financed and fledged in those heady days of the new century.

A label that would go on to issue—and then, strangely, delete—exactly one hundred releases by a range of recording artists.

Over an astonishing fifteen year period, DNRC played host to—and then promptly dumped—some of the world’s most influential singers, songwriters and instrumentalists.

From the soaring medieval medleys of busker-turned-superstar Mead to the haunting and ethereal whisperings of Celtic pop princess Enya, DNRC Records released them all. In every sense of that word.

While also acting as a vehicle for Dreamnation’s own recording aspirations, the label was no vanity affair.

Dreamnation made a point of supporting new, young and obscure acts, giving a leg up to artists as varied as the Guide Ponies, Cruns, Cliches, Catholic Autistic Terrific, Nipple Happy Lovelies, Sluice, Clint Bo Dean, Christy Burr, Captain Sans Tenille and, of course, Scaramouche.

As part of the rehabilitation of DNRC Records, each remarkable record is now being lovingly reviewed, remastered and reissued for your personal enjoyment.

With new and unreleased tracks, exciting fresh cover designs and extensive liner notes, this is your one-stop-shop for all things DNRC.