My poetry in the real world

It’s been a while since I updated my publications page, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy sending stuff out. Well, actually, I’ve been busy waiting for journals and magazines to respond to my submissions. All writers know this drill: in fact, I know of about 300 submissions to Cordite that I’m currently unable to respond to, due to our email being on the jitch.

Nevertheless, things have been happening. My (list) poem ‘new space seasons’ was published last year in FourW, the journal of the Wagga Wagga Writers Writers (or whatever they call themselves now). Editor for the issue was Derek Motion, whose selections were at once bold, engaging, eccentric and a lot of fun. Another list poem, ‘Travelling Types’, was published in the last issue of Overland to feature John Leonard as editor (an interview with whom will soon appear on the Cordite site).

‘Snowy’, a poem about the experience of working as a storeman over two summers in Wollongong when I was still a teenager, was published in the ever-cool online magazine Snorkel (you can read it here). I’ve been a bit lax recently in sending stuff off to online mags but hope to rectify this in 2008.

In other news, The Age today published my poem ‘Yer Morningness’, and in typical style, it is printed at about the size of a postage stamp. I don’t want to be too critical (after all, it’s great for a major metropolitan newspaper to feature poetry at all!) but could somebody please ask the layout designer to ditch the italics? Honestly, the poetry carries with it its own emphasis, and doesn’t need to be further emphasised by placing the whole fricking poem in italics. You can read an early version of the poem (in 13 point Georgia, without italics) here.

In less whingeful news, I’ve also got poems coming out this year in a variety of publications. ‘Rain Loop’ will appear in Meanjin, ‘Kerry’ will grace the pages of Famous Reporter, ‘De Kraai en het Paard’ is coming out in Going Down Swinging, ‘Nieuw Holland’ will be published in Island and ‘imaginary cities: capa’ will be in the next issue of Southerly. As far as I can tell, this will be the sixth or seventh imaginary city to find a home.

Now all I need is a poem in Quadrant so that I can retire from the poetry game in peace.

Finally, in prose news, I’ve written a review of Diana Georgeff’s “Delinquent Angel”, a biography of poet Shelton Lea, which will appear shortly in Overland. I’ve also written a rant based on my PhD thesis, entitled “Bonfire of the Vanity Presses” that should hopefully be appearing in The Weekend Australian very soon as well. Keep your eyes peeled for the Review section!


Two of the poems I wrote in Seoul, namely “Hoju Bihang-gi” and “imaginary cities: saga” have just been published in the second issue of Peril, the Asian-Australia literary magazine. It’s a pretty nifty site, actually, and you can even rate the poems out of ten! Other writers featured in this issue include Michael Farrell, Christopher Kelen and Adam Aitken, plus a tribute to Lisa Bellear. It’s also exciting for me that another imaginary city has found a home – this makes five so far this year!

Imaginary City in Stylus!

Issue 22 of Stylus Poetry Journal is out now, featuring some kewl haiku plus poetry by Frances Raven, Justin Lowe, Barbara Archer, Julie Beveridge, Caroline Gilbo, Leanne Hills, Graham Nunn, Ynes Sanza, Jena Woodhouse, Caleb Puckett, Mandy Beaumont, Alison Eastley and me! Read imaiginary cities: heli today! This is the fifth city to have found a home in an online journal this year, following Softblow and Snorkel. Now I just need to find some more webzines starting with an S. Two previous cities were also published in Going Down Swinging in 2003: read cities of pau, velo and the special bonus city, vera. The architecture of these cities was, however, inspired by Darwin, as opposed to Seoul.

Guru Josh, Softblow & GDS

Last night’s Going Down Swinging launch, held at Yelza in Fitzroy, was great fun. So much fun in fact that I’m only now on the verge of consciousness, my detox plans having been shredded, thrown out and then reassembled by the mysterious power of Guru Josh, whose track “Infinity” is only slightly overshadowed by its b-side, the “Spacey Saxophone Mix”.

Words cannot begin to express the effect that this song, this man, this ouevre have had on me over the past fifteen years. Suffice it to say, the guy is completely untold.

Also untold and slightly bulk ace, the Singapore-based webzine Softblow features one new poem (“Back To the Tourist III”) and two of my imaginary cities, namely “Coni” and “Cubi”. Read them at Softblow today!

But if there was an award for bulk ace, it’d surely have to go to outgoing GDS editor and owner of her own rollerskates, alicia sometimes. Last night, I believe, marked her sixteen thousandth public appearance, and for that reason alone, I salute her. Bulk ace and fully untold!

Poem in Snorkel #3!

Last year Australian poet Cath Vidler set up a new online magazine called Snorkel, the aim of which is to showcase the best in Australian and New Zealand poets (plus I guess anyone else who’s good). I submitted a couple of poems for the first issue (read them here) and I’ve now managed to sneak one into the third issue. Excitingly, the poem is one of my PC Bangs pieces, entitled Dupli. While I love all of my imaginary cities as if they were my own children once, I do have a special fondness for this one, as it concerns my friendships with men in South Korea and the unique way in which men relate to each other in that country. I’ve also had news that two more cities will be published online soon – I’ll be sure to post details as soon as they become available. In the meantime: Mokochukcha!