Poem in Snorkel #3!

Last year Australian poet Cath Vidler set up a new online magazine called Snorkel, the aim of which is to showcase the best in Australian and New Zealand poets (plus I guess anyone else who’s good). I submitted a couple of poems for the first issue (read them here) and I’ve now managed to sneak one into the third issue. Excitingly, the poem is one of my PC Bangs pieces, entitled Dupli. While I love all of my imaginary cities as if they were my own children once, I do have a special fondness for this one, as it concerns my friendships with men in South Korea and the unique way in which men relate to each other in that country. I’ve also had news that two more cities will be published online soon – I’ll be sure to post details as soon as they become available. In the meantime: Mokochukcha!

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