499 Comments and Counting!

As if the excitement of reaching 1000 posts wasn’t enough, now I’ve gone and got myself all shook up over what I calculate will soon by the 500th comment on this site (or the agglomeration of sites which is now [d/dn]). At a ratio of approximately 2:1, you’re obviously happy for me to crap on, within limits. Does that make any sense?

Okay sure I had to delete a few because I didn’t realise until just now what number we were up to but who cares. I now, therefore, give you the incredible once in a lifetime opportunity to post the 500th comment (until, that is, I delete your comment and give someone else a chance). Yes, that’s you, dear readers.

Oh, and if you’re reading this via the Facecrack RSS, you’ll need to click on the ‘View original post’ link at the top of the entry in order to reach my actual blog. Of course, you could also make a point about social networking technologies by posting a comment on Facecrack instead. Go on, I dare youse.


  1. Yes, it is all a bit confusing … but as the old Knight says at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, “You have chosen wisely”. Congratulations on posting the 500th comment on daveydreamnation.com!

  2. oh my god, is this the 500th comment? i don’t know? the introduction was so convoluted I lost focus halfway through it faster than a cheap disposable camera. but if this is the 500th comment! then i would like to thank my parents, my P.E. teacher for convincing me that my legs were steel springs and Bono for creating a world in which all this could be possible.

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