It’s hard to believe but this is my 999th post on – a seemingly meaningless milestone if you will; and yet it’s also a chance to reflect, for a nanosecond, on everything that has happened since I first started blogging in 2001/2002. I’ll spare you the trip down memory/amnesia lane that often seems mandatory for such excursions into the nether lands of archiving. This is just a chance for me to put a placeholder here and prepare you for the impending 1,000th post. If anyone has any ideas on what that post should be about, please feel free to leave a comment below. Also, if (like Kat) you believe that Smoke could go on for longer, I’m all ears. One of the reasons I say that is because while we’re almost at 1,000 posts, there’s only been 479 comments. So, if we can get 21 comments on this post, we’re almost at the one comment per two posts parity point. Which is something I’ve been aiming for since, oh well, I don’t know. Today?


  1. i think the 100th post should be all about the future. i’m hoping for quite a stirring moment. perhaps you’ll write something like:

    ‘after 1000 posts some might be tempted to rest on their laurels. but not i. i’m looking towards the next 1000 posts & planning ways to make them better. it is, after all, you the reader that matters to me most.’

    or maybe you’ll just be all cool & postmodernly ironical, or you know, whatever. that would be good too.

  2. i know that i wrote 100th instead of 1000th. it has ruined the whole ‘clever’ effect i was going for. we should be able to edit our comments. what kind of blog doesn’t allow that? something to think about…

  3. Hey GMT, Carlie, Derek,

    Thanks for your comments! It’s nice to know people still read blogs you know, even though they’re so web 1.0 or something …

    Derek – you could edit your comments if I allowed people to become registered users but that all seems a bit web 2.0 for me. In any case, I knew what you meant – 1ooth, 1,000th, what’s the diff?

    Oh and Carlie: Can Haz.

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