about that last post …

The first line of my last post referred to all the fuss being made about blogs in the world, this time by wired news, and the responses of dedicated bloggers. While I agree that blogs have been somewhat revolutionary, in that people are now more able to amuse themselves without boring their freinds and relatives witless, I must admit I get annoyed by the proselytising and naive idealism of some, especially the ones who spout this ‘power to the people’ stuff.

I mean, sure, whatever. The fact remains that blogs alone won’t change anything for the approximately 5.5 billion people who can’t enjoy them. Of course, the response to this would be that I am being equally evangelical. To which I respond: who cares? I don’t believe anyone is reading this, and I suspect no one reads the vast majority of blogs, which makes the fact that I am even using a conversational tone extremely ironic. Oh well, back to Nerdsville.

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