BAP ‘n’ all

Now that the embargo has ended on mentioning UQP’s Best Australian Poetry of 2003, I can breathe a sigh of relief and inform you, in all openness, that I am in it. Or at least, a poem of mine is in it. “In A Dim Sea Nation” was first published in papertiger #2 last year. That it’s been picked up by UQP (through editor Martin Duwell) is a great thrill. I’m sitting there alongside Peter Porter, Les Murray, Clive James (why?) and a whole bunch of other luminaries. Yippee! Of course, there’s been a lot of talk around the poetry traps about the pros and cons of anthologies, especially the ones that purport to be “The best” (see last entry). I tend to agree – though subjectivity is always present when speaking of poetry one likes. Apparently there’s a rival anthology coming out, featuring the same number of poems and edited by Peter Craven. I’m told that it’s a “Best Poets” anthology, as opposed to the more scientifically selected best poems. Whatever!

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