hello again

How have you been? Happy? Are you smiling today? What colour t-shirt are you wearing? Why am I asking you these questions? Because, as Henry Rollins would say “I know you. I know everything about you.” I know why you’re reading this. I know what you’re thinking as you scroll down this page: … fucking freak, this guy; freaking weirdo, man. A live one, for sure. Mad as a cut snake. A real character.

Real? Character? What’s that all about? It’s a contradiction in terms, that is. Ah, who cares.

You may have gathered that I am suffering from an attack of JAUNDICE right now, an inevitable hang-over from the events of the Easter weekend, I suppose. As you’ll know if you’ve read my previous post, I went to Woomera. What happened is detailed at Indymedia (dead link) but basically a bunch of refugees escaped from the detention centre, the majority of them were caught soon after, although some are “still at large”: that’s fascist speak for “free”, ie just like you and me (I’m presuming).

So how are you feeling today? Do you like being free?

I do. I think everyone should be able to feel like that, don’t you?

Why is this so hard to understand?

Express yourself