Imjingang sax scene

Imjingang is a small town just north of Paju in the Republic of Korea, on the banks of the Imjin river and close to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).
the appositeness of the phrase getting off at redfern
struck our roving correspondent with all the force of
teutonic bombs as the limousine bus pulled into that
wind-blasted car-park near the old imjingang station

last stop before a river crossing (that broken bridge
the one that used to go to chosŏn the other mystical 
fatherland (that got waylaid by arirang & sŏn'gun
that number one hit with a bullet known as chuch'e

picture then the scene complete with invisible sax as
the tourists wandered around the wrecked locomotives 
strolling nonchalantly beside ponds filled with lilies
& over everything piped or were they real sax sounds

appearing as if from nowhere or else an ancestor park
the sax player herself 

                        (the old ajumma 

                                                        oh broken world


  1. “You may bring your camera but not a camera case. Okay. Camera but no case. One year, we had to turn the bus around, so please don’t bring your camera case. And please don’t take picture of North Korean side. It is very bad. Very bad. So please, don’t take picture. Okay”

    Davey version:

    “I will now *bleep* you here, okay. It is very good. Very good when I *bleep* you here. So please make a noise now. You may make noise.” Etc.

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