Nagasaki Trance

i got frisked in fukuoka/ like a dog i just woofed and rolled over/ i had a date with a destination/ had to get to the bullet train station/ validated my japanese rail pass/ calculated how long it would last until/ I had to get off to get on to get off/ to ride a peace train yeah/ a peace train going on a peace train yeah/ on a nagasaki peace train/ i’m on a train yeah it’s a train it’s a very very good train / i’m on a train yeah i’m on a train/ all aboard the nagasaki peace train

in the city of nagasaki/ the nightlife leaves much to be desired/ wandering around the entertainment district/ i couldn’t find a single bar to whet my whistle/ then suddenly a sign that read “ayers rock”/ struck me out of the koala blue so i decided to/ go down the lift to the bar in the basement then instead getting hit by a long hot blast of/ (beat) nagasaki nagasaki yeah it sounds like nagasaki/ and i don’t dance i don’t dance /not unless the dj’s playing/ trance nagasaki trance

all the girls with their uggs and glowsticks/ all the boys with their gucci bum bags/ taking pictures with their mobile cameras/ just like it’s any other night of the week although it’s monday/ the door girl is eying me off then she’s/ giving me a complimentary glow stick/ nagasaki! (beat) nagasaki! (beat) here i am in nagasaki/ having gotten off the (beat) gotten off the nagasaki peace train/ here i am (yeah) here i am deep inside a/ nagasaki (beat) peace nagasaki/ nagasaki trance club

in the peace club suns were shining/ from the eyes of all the sakamoto dancers/ na na na na na merry crhistmas mr lawrence/ all the girls begin to dance towards the big beats/ thunder sound effects are momentarily silent/ as that piano washes over all the trancers/ but i don’t dance no i don’t dance/ unless the dj’s playing nagasaki/ i don’t dance (beat) i don’t dance unless it’s to the nagasaki peace trance/ peace trance/ slow trance/ (beat) trancing to the nagasaki peace trance

& i’m on a train yeah i’m on a train/ yes indeed a very very fast train/ & we’re on a train (yeah) inside a peace train/ all aboard a very fine peace train/ & the dj’s trance makes me want to dance/ dancing to the nagasaki peace trance/ yeah i’m on a train a very big train yeah/ i’m on a train yes it’s called the nagasaki peace train/ & i don’t dance but i don’t dance/ unless the dj’s into nagasaki trance/ don’t (beat) don’t ask me to dance/ unless you just requested nagasaki trance


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