Nu tech … from the 1980s

Hat-tip to jill/txt.

Hat-tip to jill/txt for posting this video as part of a lesson plan on BASIC and reminding me just how radical the Commodore 64 was in its day. 1983, that is.

Watching this clip initially inspired me to write a long and convoluted post about my interactions with computers over the years, but then I suddenly felt very old. Besides, this comment on Youtube pretty much summed up what I wanted to say anyway:

And in 25 years time people will be making fun of you and your iMac and it’s [sic] paltry 2.16Ghz core duo. The C64 was/is far more influential and revolutionary than any PC released in the last 15 years. Learn some respect. [my emphasis]

Actually, I wouldn’t usually recommend this, but check out the entire comments thread for some pretty funny banter. And feel free to post a comment right here if you’re feeling nostalgic for the days of cassette tape programming …


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