P2P review 02

Well, I’ve done my duty now, but I have to say I’m not done with this review business. There’s another site I’d like to highlight. That site is Mechanically Separated Chicken and is compiled by my friend and sometime partner in Cordite crime, Carlie Lazar. Yes, that’s right – I am now able to reveal that Carlie is the hot soup girl of Hot Soup Girl fame.

MSC is a lot of fun. Carlie manages to cram so many hot links into her posts that you could spend a whole day just getting through one entry (including laughing and “holding-my-guts” time). In many ways, MSC is much more of a blog than this site, which veers towards the home-page end of the spectrum. Carlie also has actual readers and visitors, which is more than I can say for DDN, despite the fact that I’ve just installed a comments system.

Let’s hope that the cross-references between MSC and DDN are the beginnings of a new online hyper-community, obsessed with 80s jingles, taking the piss out of cyberpunk fiction (check MSC for a homage to this site’s DDN science fiction project) and the love songs of Joey Jeremiah. After all, everybody wants something! They’ll never give up! They’ll take ya money! And never give up!

Deh, deh, deh, deh (sounds of bad keyboard impersonations, Zit Remedy guitars, fading to puce).


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