Site re-vamp etc …

In an effort to break the world procrastination record, I’ve spent most of today re-vamping this site’s design, mostly by riffing off a neat three column WordPress theme originally created by that is, according to their website, “perfect for churches or other non-profits”. You can see why I was immediately interested. In other news, I’ve decided to take an extended break from Facebook and Myspace and have hence deleted links to these sites here (although I do find it ‘passing strange’ that my new site design bears more than a slight resemblance to that of Facebook – not to mention Wikipedia and WordPress …. nothing a change of colour wouldn’t fix … ah, more procrastination … ). It remains to be seen whether these deletions will be sufficient to discourage me from more time-wasting. Watch this space to find out, I guess.

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  1. Try going out to buy a cheap laptop and bag, playing at buying furniture on the way, coming home to find the cleaner has NOT come, then not connecting the laptop to the Internet so you will write more on it. Now THAT’s procrastination.
    This, on the other hand, is rather nice. What a nifty theme.

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