Snapshots of Almost Contact

"A series of micro-narratives (mobile phone movies) exploring the poetics of delay. Photos, video and performances around the digital ethnographies of mobile media."

Melbourne-based new media artist, lecturer and all round soju-panda Larissa Hjorth, who is also undertaking an Asialink residency in Seoul (at Ssamzie Space in Hongdae), held an open studio the other night, to celebrate the completion of her “Snapshots of Almost Contact” project.

Please, consider …

Larissa Hjorth
Soju-Panda Eyes herself: actually, this shot was taken last month at the Sugar Bar in Hongdae but seeing as we ended up in exactly the same place the other night, there really is no difference.
An example of the kinds of works Larissa has been creating out of the distinctive Korean fabric pattern. Steve Jobs, look and learn …
Whilebird Chirpings, Seoul (2005).
Seoul’s best-kept secret, three-piece band the Whilebird Chirpings, featuring Jooyoung on keyboards, Matt on lead vocals and drums, and Bridget on lead guitar. Rumours of their imminent demise should be treated with alarm.
Bridget O'Brien, Seoul (2005).
Bridget O’Brien, an artist who moonlights as a staff reporter for the Korea Times, tries to point to a picture of her phone. Unfortunately, being height-challenged, she doesn’t quite achieve her objective. It’s the second from the right, Bridget.
A close-up shot of some of the phones Larissa photographed, together with their owners’ accessories (a must).
The money shot: ninety six phones, who knows how many text messages, conversations and self-portraits …

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