Snooze Captains

What happens when five people go shopping for one bed?

Last year my friend Victoria Stanton, whose righteous Bank of Victoria site is an absolute classic of the genre, paid a visit to our house in Fitzroy, all the way from Montreal.

I met Victoria in NYC as part of the Short Fuse book launch. She’s a great performer, writer and spoken word historian. Anyway, enough preliminaries.

While she was here, Victoria dared me and my housemates to engage in a bit of spontaneous art. So we went on down to the Captain Snooze warehouse to buy a bed for five people.

The result is catalogued on Victoria’s website:

What happens when five people go shopping for one bed? A direct lead-up to the performance series (Being) One Thing at a Time, this site-specific intervention bluntly attempted to disrupt quotidian behaviours and expectations within a place of business.

‘Untitled (Captain Snooze) April 2003’ is a searing comment on Western commercial aspirations, as well as a sly revisionist parable aka Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Or should that be dwarves?

Anyway, you can check out more of Victoria’s interventions on the website. My favourite: Drug – “Six couples (of varying sexual orientations) stood on the sidewalk, kissing, in front of the Export A tobacco factory for one hour.” Go Victoria!

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