Some interesting Korean book titles …

… discovered recently:

‘I Have the Right to Destroy Myself’*
‘Mommy Must Be a Fountain of Feathers’
‘Poor Love Machine’
‘Look, Calendar Factory Manager’
‘The Korean Way of Tea’
‘Lebanon Emotion’
‘Happy People Don’t Check the Time’
‘The Outings of Snake-boy’
‘I Am a Season That Does Not Exist in This World’
‘Quietly Liking’
‘Mechanical Parrot’
‘When I Take Off My Wet Shoes’
‘The Soil Has Square-shaped Memories’
‘The Silver Trout-fishing Network’

* This is the only one I have read so far – I bought a copy in the Kyobo bookshop the other day. It is not very long and (in my humble opinion) not very good but its author Young-Ha Kim has been described as ‘a Korean literary cult figure’. I look forward to finding out your impressions of the book when you get here and have a chance to read it – unless you’ve read it already!

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