The Deep End National Poetry Slam

ABC Radio National last night broadcast what it called the first ever National poetry slam in Australia, courtesy of the Deep End program and fellow-Proser charlotte sometimes. The program featured nine finalists from around Australia (including another Proser, KL) plus yours truly performing a “sacrificial lamb” role by reading out a poem before the contest started.

The poem, entitled “I Claim Responsibility” was first made famous by the Mike Oldfield Five, who used the piece during their incendiary Babble Bam Slam appearance at the Melbourne Writers Festival in August this year.

Visit the Deep End website [Wayback archive] to download each finalist’s piece (Real Media or Windows Player) and then vote for the one you think is the best. Please vote for Klare. The first prize is recording time at the ABC.

I really enjoyed the experience of reading for a national audience. It would have been nice to have my poem up on the Deep End site too but then I guess that’s why they called me the sacrificial lamb. Sniff.

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