Things I will miss when I leave Sweden

1. Swedish children’s television.

Having grown up with top-notch 1980s Oz content and characters like Spider McGlurk and all of his pals on Secret Valley, Simon Townsend’s Wonder World and, my personal favourite, the barmy cast of Wombat, it’s been a real pleasure to experience the myriad joys of SVT (or, more specifically, SVT Barn) over the past 11 years, and I will miss it so.

From classics like Pippi Långstrump, Bamse (Världens starkaste björn) and Alfons Åberg to choice modern-day offerings such as Melodifestivalen, Värsta bästa barnvakterna, En hederlig jul med Knyckertz, Sommarskuggan, the stone-cold deep cut that is Skaka loss med Daidalos and his slimy universe (oh and who could forget Bilakuten), SVT Barn really speaks my language.

By which I mean my Swedish is still so elementary that children’s television is pretty much the only Swedish media I can understand.

But then again, when it comes to slime, words can only say so much.

Hej då, SVT Barn.

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