We Will Disappear: Full Track Listing

While you may rest assured that I won’t be producing an intricate online annotated version of the contents of We Will Disappear (OR AT LEAST, NOT YET!), I can at last reveal the track listing or, as we say in the industry ‘table of contents’.

The final order the poems was arrived at after some serious editorial intervention from Paul Hardacre, whom I cannot thank enough for his patience, intuitive widsom and sensitivity.

I look forward to making further announcements as to the book’s release date, where to buy said book and, finally, details of the launch, which will (of course) be huge.

We Will Disappear


In a Dim Sea Nation
Abstract Moon
We Will Disappear
(On the Tomb of) Victor Bruce
Northern Rivers Pastoral
While Your Children Are Small
In Heaven It’s Always Raining
Avalon V
Post-Holocaust Tram
Between Empires
1001 Nights
Dexedrine Bombs
When We Were in the Wild
Lovers / Lateness
Japanese Bush Poet
The Happy Farang
Non-Touristic Trek
Tintin & the Plain of Jars
The Chao Le
Ich Bin Ein Tourist
Kerze 1
We Miss You!
Peace Falls
A Veteran of the Club Scene
Identikit Nation
City Slacker
There’s a Wild Jack Russell in the Moon
The Bloody Hollys
Ma Sonic
Code Pervin’
Let’s Fight the Pop-Ups!
Machines for Living In
Search Poem #9
Kyoto Crow(s)
Betty Conquers All
Silver Rocket II
Wounded or Sound: The Death March of Johnny McQueen
Karin Revisited
Unmarked Harlem
She Finds Her Speed
The Rise & Fall of Davey Dreamnation
(On the Tomb of) The Unknown Waitress
We Are Living
5 Haiku SMS

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