done tagging!

... my face on yr space (rule #1: clone tagging!
      the school for the too-cool, hispter-brew,
      squeaky shoes - taggin' ... 'n' braggin'! 

done tagging my place get into yr space-(acne)
      new tool, tru blue hood, flute reeds 'n'
      music sheet screeds wot i wrote, emo(t)!

done tagging, so i'm tur(n)ing now to slaggin'
      grange hill replicas, appendectomies, emm ...
      lap answers (ZOMG) to yr velodromances!

... my race in yr two-faced analogue haterz - 
      yo, srly? & back off chrome-nose, pooh-
      bear hose & pass the amyl bag, bones!?

oh noes, all my tags like sprayed in yr face!
      disgrace (eg larsson 'widow' carryin' mace
      why dontcha tie this-a, shoelace! salam-

ander, salam! - tag this space (& gracefully 
      degradez, slam salam i am an anagram &
      the signature tune (the spoon (imoon!))

... my tag & yr space in the book of some face
      a la buttery biscuit bass i'm done tagging 
      & yr like amazed? 

                          like a flowa in a vaze?

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