“Shoegaze(r)” is more than an early-1990s English pop music genre. Come with me and explore the late 1980s and early 1990s on DDN-808AM … where shuffly beats, baggy trousers and fey looks are provided, plus complimentary NME.

Eurovision 2015: Ah, Vienna!

Having watched the 2015 Eurovision final in its entirety, I would agree with the general observation that the entrants this time around were mostly lacking in the somewhat indescribable pizazz that is compulsory if you want to win.


This sound, that stinks of dirty sneakers (never boots, they’re meant for da smeris speaks of djungel, uprooted flowerpots (never flares, maybe strobelight analysis strewn across the asfalt like the remains (not the actual remains, mind, but echoes of tribal…

Ten women who shook my world*

In celebration of International Women’s Day, here’s some Youtube gold from some of my favourite women musical artists from the late 1980s and early 1990s. First up, Bilinda Butcher sings My Bloody Valentine‘s certified indie-dance crossover shredder, ‘Soon’.

Chris de Burgh on Iran

Recent events in Iran have filled me with shock and mounting horror, and I send my heartfelt sympathies and support to all my friends and fans there who may have been caught up in what has become a huge international…