“Shoegaze(r)” is more than an early-1990s English pop music genre. Come with me and explore the late 1980s and early 1990s on DDN-808AM … where shuffly beats, baggy trousers and fey looks are provided, plus complimentary NME.

Chris de Burgh: Crusader (1979)

Eagle-eyed readers would already be aware of my previous tutorial, wherein I demonstrated the art of writing a one hundie, two hundie, three hundie and therefore five hundie record review. In this tutorial, using the 'find and replace' function, I show how this template can be used to write a review of any other band or musical recording. Take, for example, this re-working of the 300 word Deerhunter review into a review of Chris de Burgh's Crusader.

Pop lyrics: do they really matter?

Here’s an interesting post by Laurie Duggan on the wall of sound, where he makes the point that the vocal track on My Bloody Valentine’s song ‘Come In Alone’ works because of the wall of sound surrounding it. While I…