(On the Tomb of) Agnes Smedley

k so you tried to teach mao to dance
k so you tried to teach mao to dance 
     & he was bad at it - but like srly: you. 

danced. with. mao! omg k & so did he 
     bring you cherries was it lychees agnes 

& did he dance with you srly tell us all
     agnes smedley waz you lonely there or

waz you a spy like they said & are you
     really dead or do you live for the length

of one gramophone record & which song 
     agnes tell us plz waz it which song did 

you play for mao waz it slow or waz it a srly
     real dancing rekked kwim? k so & when 

the dance waz srly ended k agnes smedley
     did he take your hand? or waz the end of

it more like looking at a moon from space? 
     & did he depart quickly agnes or his hand

on your hips did he press & did he stay agnes 
     what did you say i'm dying to know srly k

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