Davey Dreamnation aka David Prater is an Australian-born writer, editor and researcher who now lives in the third person. While he did not invent the Internet, he has nevertheless made some incredible discoveries during the course of his life here on earth.

David Prater holds a BA with Honours in Australian Literature from the University of Sydney (1994), an MA in Creative Writing (1st Class Honours) from the University of Melbourne (2004) and a PhD from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne (2009), having submitted three (unpublished) theses: ‘Bruce Beaver, Rainer Maria Rilke and the Universe’ (BA, 1993), Marzipan: A Confection (MA, 2004) and Bonfire of the Vanity Presses: Self-publishing in the Field of Australian Literature (PhD, 2009).

Over the past two decades his poetry has been published in a range of Australian and international journals. His first full-length poetry collection, We Will Disappear was published by Soi3 (Papertiger Media) in 2007, and was launched at the Melbourne Writers Festival and the Queensland Poetry Festival in that year. The book was reviewed in Cordite and The Weekend Australian, and on ABC Radio National’s The Book Show. His second full-length collection, Leaves of Grass, was published in 2013.

David has appeared at numerous Australian writers’ festivals and has also performed in London, New York City, Sofia (Bulgaria), Ten’ri (Japan), Seoul (ROK), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Utrecht (the Netherlands), Montreal (Canada), Stockholm (Sweden) and Struga (Macedonia). In 2005 David undertook a four-month Asialink residency at Sogang University, Seoul, where he ‘live-wrote’ a series of prose poems about ‘imaginary cities’ in Seoul’s PC Bangs (internet gaming rooms). In 2009 he returned to Seoul for a second Asialink residency, hosted by the Korea Language Translation Institute.

In 2000 he self-published his first book of poems, The Happy Farang, dealing with the adventures of a tourist in Thailand and Laos. A second, Abendland, about a traveller in the USA and Europe, was published in 2006. Vagabond Press published a third, Morgenland, in 2007. His poetry has been translated into Japanese, Korean, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Swedish, and his work has been been profiled in the Japanese literature magazine Shueisha.

David’s poem ‘In a Dim Sea Nation’ was included in Best Australian Poetry 2003 (UQP). In 2011 his poem ‘Cute’ was included in Best Australian Poems 2011 (ed. John Tranter, Black Inc), and five of his poems were anthologised in Thirty Australian Poets (UQP, ed. Felicity Plunkett).

Between 2001 and 2012, David was the Managing Editor of Cordite Poetry Review, an Internet poetry journal funded by the Australia Council for the Arts. He produced 30 full issues of the magazine, plus 10 mini-issues, with a focus on new works by a diverse range of emerging and established Australian poets.

Since 2001 he has maintained a series of creative websites at various addresses, the contents of which have now been amalgamated on this site. daveydreamnation.com contains over 1000 posts, including more than 300 poems, over 100 prose pieces, records from his residencies in Seoul, details of all of his publications as well as news, photos and other ephemera.