David Prater

David Prater

David Prater is an Australian-born writer, editor and parent. His interests include mince pies, ice hockey and Joy Division.

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Ann Leckie: Provenance

I absolutely loved Ann Leckie’s Raadch trilogy, and Provenance is a worthy addition to her universe. I just wish the publishers had gone with a less shouty blurb/cover/testimonial approach. “POWER. THEFT. PRIVILEGE. BIRTHRIGHT.” is ridiculously over-the-top for what is essentially…

Margaret Atwood: Hag-seed

Hag-seed (2016) is such a fun novel, and so well written. I think I may be finally ready to deep dive into the big ones: Alias Grace, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Blind Assassin … So much to read, so little…


16 November Left my phone on the bus this morning and realized how much of my so-called life is/was trapped in that stupid thing. Partly hoping that an honest Swede will have picked it up and handed it in to…

Eurovision 2015: Ah, Vienna!

Having watched the 2015 Eurovision final in its entirety, I would agree with the general observation that the entrants this time around were mostly lacking in the somewhat indescribable pizazz that is compulsory if you want to win.