“Because parenting isn’t a real career”

I am humbled, proud, excited and just a tad braggish to announce three huge milestones in my previously unacknowledged career as a parent.

First, our oldest child, who is six, started school this week, and kicked so many goals in doing so that it left a small, permanent tear in the corner of my eye. Truly, I could not have got through the past six years without her. Every day she teaches me how to survive on this crazy planet.

Second, our middle child, who is about to turn four, has now transitioned to being the elder sibling at his daycare, nailing it so brilliantly it leaves me dumbfounded. How do small, fragile persons handle change in such dignified, humourous and hopeful ways? His strength and sensitivity floor me daily.

Third, our youngest child, who is one, started daycare too. Oh boy, did he bring all the feels to that challenging task. But it took him just three days to sleep on an unfamiliar mattress, throw food at whoever was within range, and generally act like a hooligan (the carer’s word, not mine).

So today, rather than criticize myself because parenting isn’t a real career, I’m celebrating my three awesome ‘colleagues’, their amazing achievements, and my own small part in helping them realize their goals.

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