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I spent most of today shuttling back and forth between North Melbourne and Fitzroy, via various trams, including one of the brand news ones, a complimentary ride in a space-age tram! I was in Fitzroy recording two tracks for a radio show, The Red Room, which goes out on the airwaves in Sydney and elsewhere. I recorded “last night betty” and “a message to bardster users”. The whole thing went really well.

In other good news, a poem of mine has been published in Shampoo Poetry, a San Franscisco-based webzine. the poem’s called humility publishing. i’m thinking from now on that instead of going to the trouble of re-typing in poems that have been published elsewhere, I’ll just put links to the pages down the left hand side. yes, yes, must re-do everything, once again, must re-design entire site, construct portal, fly to Mars, repair Galileo probe and re-insert … erm, yes.

BUT, I will be publishing the text of “last night betty” and “a message to bardster users” here. That’s right, right here. Now go and look at Shampoo. It’s very funny.

[note: “Last Night Betty” was eventually published on the Red Room website, while “A Message To Bardster Users” appeared in Cordite Poetry Review in September 2002]

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