hold on, i’m coming!!

Or at least, that’s what my namesake David Prater, he of Sam and Dave fame, would say, were he alive today.

Kind of eerie, this whole doppelganger thing. Western society raises us to a level of individual consciousness whereby any thought of similarity between oneself and others is merely coincidental, if not downright spooky. That’s kind of how I felt when I found out that I’ve got not one but TWO doppelgangers, only one of whom is alive. A quick Google search will confirm that the three most popular David Praters on the Internet are myself (NUFF SAID!! RESPECT!!), Dave of Sam and Dave, and Dave of Firehouse, apparently some kind of metal band from the USA.

Pretty good company, eh? The reason I got spooked about the Sam and Dave thing is not, as you might think, because he was a soul man and I’m not (though it did cross my mind at one point) but because of his bizarre life and death.

Did you know, for example, that Sam and Dave were only together for about five years, that they released eight (8) albums in that time, that when they broke up Sam hired another Dave to fill in for David Prater, that Dave himself hired another Sam from a band called “Sam and Bill”, that Sam re-recorded ‘Soul Man’ with Lou Reed, that most of their songs were written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter, or that Dave was arrested once for trying to sell crack cocaine to undercover police officers?

Betcha didn’t.

Anyway, it’s spooky for me to be connected to such a famous man. Do a Google search on him – o-or, why not do one on yourself?!

You big nerd.

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