wire, wire, pants on fire

Here’s another one of those photoshop pictures I was telling you about a couple of weeks ago. This one’s called ‘wires’ and was taken at Woomera in South Australia. As I think I also mentioned a few weeks ago, there’s going to be a protest at the detention centre in Woomera at easter, details of which can be found at the Woomera 2002 website (dead link). Who knows what’s going to happen there. I am personally a bit scared, as I haven’t been involved in large scale protests before.

Actually, now I look at it, that picture’s pretty crap. But so, I guess, is the treatment being dished out to the people in the detention centre(s). the reason I chose this photo is that it’s got some telegraph wires in it, which you can’t actually see, but which are symbolic of the need for people in Australian cities to understand the harsh realities of the desert that asylum seekers endure on a daily basis.

Just as importantly, the indigenous peoples from around Woomera, the Kokatha people, have been dispossessed of their lands and seen them used for missile testing, rocket launching, nuclear waste dumping, uranium mining and now concentration camps. Spare a thought for indigenous peoples everywhere!

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