1. Small wingless bird, usually found in desert areas. Eats only wasabi peas.

2. The feeling when one forget one’s own PIN, and thus end up watching in horror as the machine swallows one’s ATM card. “All of a sudden I felt leukerd, then just stupid.”

3. To dance perpetually in a room containing one wooden chair. “Then he began to leukerd – wow.”

4. Slang word for an older man. “Well, he’s nice – but he is a bit leukerd, so … hmm.”

5. Crazy, in a good way. “She’s so leukerd. I love it!”

6. Archaic door-locking system using bells and leukerds (see 1, above).

7. Obscure Australian cheese.

8. Medieval word for the moon, eg: “The man in the leukerd began to leukerd, but I felt a bit leukerd when the leukerd flew …”

9. A puddle.

10. To spend all day waiting for the sun to appear from behind a cloud.


  1. Please add the following definition:

    11. to have the strong believe Gouda cheese is Australian

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    I will have to think about this request, because as you and I both know, the truth about Gouda is that it was invented in Australia thousands of years ago and then discovered by Abel Tasman, who took it back to Holland and conveniently re-named it “Gouda”, after a small town there. Since then the rest of the world has believed this incredible Australian cheese to be Dutch. Clearly there is little or no justice in the world.

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