Even More Definitions of Leukerd

21. Small-time comedian whose material is more suited to spoken word.

22. Time traveller.

23. To play phone-tag, eg: “Yeah, well I rang him and left a message and then he rang back and left a message and so I texted him and he texted me back and finally I tried calling his work number from a public phone and got through. Boy, am I sick of all this leukerding.”

24. A gentle lover.

25. Missing guitar strings.

26. Form of 18th century parlour game in which the object is to catalogue the various ways in which you would like to die, should you be given a choice.

27. Clear alcoholic fluid made from spit.

28. To attempt to ride a bike on public transport.

29. The hour between midnight and 1am.

30. A massive explosion.

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