Here’s a Surprise: A Few More Definitions of Leukerd!

51. The fifty-first item in a list.

52. A notebook filled with definitions of leukerd.

53. To continue to repeat a joke even though it is no longer funny.

54. Small piece of green vegetable lodged between the teeth.

55. Traditional Korean game in which the object is to lose all one’s marbles.

56. Bed hair.

57. Apologist for the nuclear power industry.

58. The feeling you get when you realise that everyone in the world thinks differently.

59. Someone who pretends not to be interested in football and then makes fun of you when your team loses.

60. Potato rocket launcher.

One comment

  1. Gouda Boy,

    nr. 60 = fun!
    nr. 59 = nicaaaaaa
    nr. 47 = daarom
    nr. 49 = every day reality for some of us…
    nr. 39 = my favourite
    nr. 22 = you!
    nr. 30 = getting close, but not quite right…
    nr. 20 = same as nr. 30


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