there’s a boy leaving home on
the train – i can see him see his
mother on the platform trying
not to cry – the boy knows no
restraint too young to hold it
in he’s bawling – for a moment
he is me & i can feel that sad
old fear of separation grown
into stoicism followed by pure
obliviousness – you grow up not
to cry you leave so as not to
give up who you are – your
stories jokes hobbies – but it’s
a lie a cruel hoax – because
one day it won’t be you who’s
leaving – no it will be your own
mother getting onto that train to
leave forever to pull away in
that black carriage the pane
of glass making final chats
impossible & tears? well they’re
for boys or for grown women &
yet there they are – on your own
face small & soft but still there
for all of your bravado – it is
a form of sickness after all
whose remedy is the act – &
later after several stops you
look over at the boy who’s now
wearing headphones & he’s not
crying anymore – but you can
see the sickness of home there
still (in his pale stunned face


  1. hi David,I emailed at your gmail as below. I am wondering if it delivered properly.****
    ***Hello David,
    I am the artist introduced by Bridget at the gallery party on last Thursday.
    How are you?
    Regarding the trip(??) for the show of Asian Art Festival in Pocheon, outside Seoul. I am arranging sometime next week, I am wondering if you are still interested in.
    I am still flexible though for the schedule, so you can add your convenience if you want, then we can adjust it.
    OK, Talk more later.

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