Justin Heazlewood at Babble!

justin heazlewoodAfter the non-appearance of rumoured Irish headline act Neil, Babble punters could be forgiven for suspecting that uber-host Sean M. Whelan’s response might be to rope in some amateur or half-baked talent to act as the feature performer at last night’s event.

Those of little faith might consider working on that aspect of their personality however as no less a performer than Justin Heazlewood aka The Bedroom Philosopher aka one half of devastating duo The Renegades of Folk provided more than half a dozen answers to the question: what on earth goes through the mind of a twenty-something performer aka poet aka comedian aka spokesperson for his/her generation?

Because the fact is that if anyone speaks for signature drawstring jarmies, toast, songs about mum and postmodernism, then Justin Heazlewood’s the man. He could just as easily be the woman, as evidenced by his appearance on stage to the accompaniment of DJ Sassy Pants’ strident and eclectic selection, Donovan’s ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’.

He’s funny, witty and he can play a guitar. I personally haven’t laughed so much in a while. I even forked out $20 for a copy of his debut album In Bed With My Doona, and can I just say that the price tag is worth it for the sensational Aussie folk-hop pastiche that is ‘Folkstar’, one of the best songs I’ve heard in ages.

Read an interview with Justin Heazlewood in Cordite. Better still, get on to the official Bedroom Philosopher website.


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