New front page, liveblogging feature added

Well, despite the seemingly unending flow of posts about Camp Davey it’s been pretty busy around here lately.

In the Intramanet industry we talk about the back end and the front end. While you’ve no doubt been entertained by the travails of Scaramouche, the D/DN boffins have been tinkering away behind the scenes to ensure that you experience the very best of Davey’s international web portal.

That’s why, if you visit the main page, you’ll notice that we’ve implemented a redesign—less is more, after all. Not that anybody ever gets here via the front page, anyway. It’s like a bloody speakeasy in here sometimes—people just waltzing in via the back door, and then wandering off to whichever part of the house they feel like. But, we guess that’s okay, as long as people don’t hang around too long, or leave their mess behind.

But speaking of mess, how tragic that Scaramouche has finally been evicted from Camp Davey? As disheartening as the whole episode was for us, we were also very grateful to be able to liveblog events as they happened, in real time. This was all due to the aforementioned boffins, who installed and configured a copy of Liveblog, a WordPress liveblogging plugin. The plugin itself hasn’t been updated for a while but it still managed to do the trick.

Finally, given the large number of posts on D/DN, and the continuing scourge of link rot, we continue to work behind the scenes to edit, clean up and rejuvenate various posts. However, as there are over 1200 posts to deal with, our efforts are pretty piecemeal, meaning that the quality of the posts varies quite a lot. But we’re hoping that by beginning to assign posts to various authors, and revamping the category taxonomy, we’ll be well on the way to a more streamlined site.

Thanks again for visiting Davey Dreamnation, and stay safe out there.

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