the peer-to-peer (P2) blog review project

Okay, so I’m a day late with this one, but basically I’ve been involved in this cute little project (P2P – dead link) where people review each others’ blogs. It’s a way of getting people to read more widely, I guess, and make new connections.

I’ve been asked to review a blog called “S’all Good Records” (dead link). As the name suggests, Pete (the author of this blog) is into music. He’s also in the US Army, apparently stationed somewhere in the Persian Gulf – is it Saudi Arabia? I can’t recall. He’s quite young, and his blog is basically all about what he does every day in the army.

Now, you might think “Gees, sounds like something I’d rather miss.” But first appearances are very deceptive. Turns out Pete, who’s 19, is a smart and sensitive guy. He recently bought the new No Doubt album, after some initial misgivings, and concluded that he actually likes it. He’s also into No FX, Bad Religion etc. There’s a picture of Boy George on his front page too. He hates intolerance.

Judging by Pete’s guest book, he’s also got a few fans. Seems there’s people from all over the place checking out what he does every day, how he rates in his PT tests (that’s physical training, I think – push ups and stuff) and so on. While coding problems and Blogger stuff-ups (hey, dont’ we all experience those) have meant that his site has a slight air of a work-in-progress, I’m quite impressed by it.

So, if you want to find out what really happens inside the army, check it out. As Pete would say, “S’all good!”.

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