and now, i am thirty

Praise the God of all good things, I’ve finally hit thirty. And doesn’t it feel great! I had an awesome time at my birthday party on the weekend – it was so nice to see so many people there, all having fun drinking, listening to some top tunes and generally GETTING JIGGY WID IT.

The highlight for me was speech time, when I was presented with a cake covered in sparklers, and realised I was expected to say something! So I grabbed a sparkler and embarked upon a recitation of the davey dreamnation theme song. You may find it hard to believe, but I actually remembered it, right down to the last word! Unfortunately, my sparkler ran out about a third of the way through, thus providing a cue for everyone to applaud. Maybe they’d had enough! But I had to go on. And finish it I did.

the davey dreamnation theme song 

hi my name's davey dreamnation
so what's yours? can we be penpals?
i've got more stamps than the GPO 
could clear in several hundred years

i'll be landing on pluto
see you there or i'll send photos
catch my drift? wouldn't want to miss it
maybe find nothing but rumours

faraway on a cold planet
seemingly immune to static
what's my code? nothing's automatic 
science diction ceases to matter

up above i can see vapours
time to see just what the caper
is this cloud hiding a message 
from a retrospective species?

i'll reply with postcards & LPs -
start to speak a different language
we don't need hi-tech devices 
rage against states of the notion 

underneath the sand lies the ocean
see you there in the next ad break
i can taste smarties & milky
ways collide in the vacuum of our

eyes inside the capsule blinking
lights translate the forces of impact 
landing in a soft & foggy common
off we go to our next assignment

may involve flying to pluto
in our dreams or somebody else's
don't be making undue commotion
rage against states of the notion

[read a review of davey dreamnation's theme song here]

A cathartic moment. Thank you everyone for being there. But oh dear, no thanks to the God of hangovers! It’s the 21st century already, and we still haven’t figured out how to fix em! One for the boffins, I reckon.

Now look busy.

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