DNRC075 | EP | 2010 | DELETED

Davey Dreamnation has stunned the music industry by releasing an EP’s worth of theme songs entitled, appropriately enough, Themes.

The opening track is ‘A Salute to “A Salute to Themes”‘, a barely-disguised tribute (in mono) to Johnny Hawksworth’s original ‘A Salute To Thames’, which used to play on Thames TV in the UK.

A YouTube clip featuring Johnny Hawksworth’s “A Salute To Thames”.

Next up, a real rarity and a treat for D/DN fans: an unreleased version of Davey’s theme song, originally recorded during the harrowing Islands In the Stream of Consciousness sessions in 2002.

Bearing all the hallmarks of a traditional “outtake”, the song is nevertheless highly collectable due to its massive wordplay and false innocence.

The third track is another unreleased gem, Davey’s first foray into the mind-boggling worlds of rap and hip-hop.

‘Dubbo Boy’ is an unacknowledged masterpiece, with some terrific production work by Davey’s some-time co-conspirator and Kevin Bacon lookalike DJ Admiral Tuna.

Next, something of a novelty: ‘Scaramouche’s Theme’ is, obviously, the signature tune of Davey’s friend and troublemaking llama, Scaramouche.

We’re not quite sure how this track ended up on the EP but sources close to Davey suggest it may well be because ‘Stung’s Theme’ had already been released on the Tribesco EP.

Not that that stopped Davey from including it again here.

Breaking with tradition, and with the terms of UNSC DDN1, Davey also refused to delete this EP on release, prompting further speculation that he had, at last, completely lost his marbles.


  1. Once again, another turning point in defining the word “masterpiece”.
    Now ive heard recent speculation that “sting vs stung” is soon to break out in the form of both single music release and playstation III game. This i assume is a ploy on the police world tour to direct sales away from their retirement fund. Would you care to comment?

  2. Dear Kevin Bacon,

    for I assume it is you, lurking under another of your “guises”.

    I would care to comment, in the same way that I care for kids. Rumours of Stung’s impending morphing into a Playstation III character have been greatly exaggerated. He is actually currently engaged in contractual negotiations with the makers of Wizz Fizz, who are hoping to use his scarred visage for one of their upcoming advertising campaigns. More than that, I cannot say.

    Best of luck with your acting career, and say hi to Ethan Hawke for me.


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