Faster, Rain

The sound of the falling. Under scattered neon raindrops form a pool. Rain swims in the sky. Faster than any other sound. Sheets of cloud tears. Bosom of rain. Swelling through the grizzly morning. Bird calls in the rain. Rooves peppered with raindrops. Pools of last night’s rain in the oily streets. Cars moving through rain like cattle. Standing at the side of a field with a torch and a raincoat. Rainpods that play rain loops. Faster than silence. The late raindrop landing on the roof. Its surreal beauty. Traffic swishes on the saturated black roads. A door opens. The biords resume their conversations. Miniature rain. Buzzsaws. Power. The beauty of a trickle of water in a downpipe. The universe of rains inside the earth. Drains full of rain. The wind that carries the rain like a friend. Beams bowing beneath the weight of water. The slow sun. The bruised sky. Faster, rain.

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