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On Internet forums there appeared messages of a powerful explosion at an Australian nuclear power station located in the suburbs of Sydney. According to witnesses’ statements the explosion happened at about 3 pm on the 9th of September. In particular, one resident of this town has made a call and had time to inform her relatives that connection in the town was being cut off in order not to let people phone somebody. She insists that the explosion really took place at the nuclear power station, and that it was a really powerful one, and now the radiation cloud is moving. This information is being unofficially confirmed in public agents’ private conversations. Besides, local residents place pictures of the explosion consequences and victims’ bodies in their blogs. The photo’s attached to this email! Send this email to your friends!

Via bulletin boards in China news spread quickly of the cataclysmic detonation at Satel Heights, one of several nuclear reactors ringing the putative southern capital at a distance of roughly twenty kilometres from the city’s own epicentre. According to grainy mobile phone reportage from two Chinese journalists trapped inside the consular building in the already-decimated federal capital, Canberra, the explosion happened at about 3 pm on the 9th of September. One of the reporters, whose name has been suppressed, had time to inform her editor on the mainland that all Amerikan comms were down, rendering the continent literally off the hook. All Chinese comms, of course, remained functioning but due to the limited number of handsets and their location on the persons of the consular staff in only thirty five consular stations nationwide, access to their more advanced capabilities (including an upgrade in image quality from ‘grainy’ to ‘cinematic’) remained strictly within the control of the military apparatus. Australian authorities from overseas posts have held an emergency video link-up and are now planning mass evacuations from the Australian east coast, as it appears that the nuclear explosion was in fact of a scale not seen before, and that now the radiation cloud is moving north. This intelligence is now being confirmed worldwide by the private chatter of public officials engaged in maintaining the secrecy of military comms. The engagement of private agents to monitor evacuation procedures, monitor and quell any signs of individual or mass unrest (with vigilance especially towards looting and crimes of the corporate person) has also been reported. Little of this information actually arrived on the screens of the global network of Internet users, who could only look on in horror at the spectacle of destruction and slaughter paraded in the blog posts of those who have survived. The photo’s attached to this email! Send this email to your friends!

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Davey Dreamnation

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